Frequently Asked Questions


Questions people have actually asked:

Are you a teacher?
No, just a concerned mother who paid a lot of attention in English class.

Questions people might reasonably ask:

They're just children's books! Why do you care?
For two reasons. One, if I'm going to be the one reading it to my children, I don't want to be so bored I don't want to read it again. Seriously, kids love to read the same book. Over and over again. Two, children are still learning wrong from right. Any adult, especially their parent, is a figure of authority. I don't want to read them something with a message I disagree with until they're old enough to have a conversation about why it's bad. A bad message, repeated, from a figure of authority, could definitely give them the impression that it's a good one. I'm going to be molding their young minds, whether I want to or not. It had better be in the right direction.
I hate/love/wrote a book! Will you do a video review of it?
Sure, if you get me a copy. Drop me a line through my contact form and we'll work something out.