17 Things I'm Not Allowed to Do Anymore


Pretending random things children do are planned.

It's not as good as their follow-up, 11 Experiments That Failed. It definitely comes across as being written by a parent. It's pretty repetitive. It keeps saying, "I had an idea to X. I am not allowed to X anymore." For example, "I had an idea to walk backward all the way home from school. I am not allowed to walk backward home from school anymore." I still like the art style. It's the same style and character as 11 Experiments that Failed, but it doesn't have the good message of teaching science behind it.

Just like the other book, children don't actually premeditate these things. They don't say, "Huh! I've got an idea to staple my brother's hair to his pillow!" They're not actually thinking about that kind of thing. It's a little bit humorous to see it set off as if she had considered the implications ahead of time and came to that decision, but it doesn't work as well.



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