October 10, 2016

Idiosyncratic ABC book featuring mostly animals.


Boring ABC book. The images are weirdly stylized and possibly oil paintings. Every page is a letter and an image of something that starts with that letter. They are almost all animals, with the bizarre exception of Q, which is a queen (okay, so that's technically an animal) instead of say, a quail. N is a nest of eggs, which is animal-related. V is a violin and X is a xylophone. Everything else is animals. You would think that he could have thought of some kind of animal for V. This is just weird. It's a weird book. It's kind of arty. I don't know why it won a medal. I'm not all that impressed. The art is unique, I guess. It's not super-realistic. It's not bad. It's idiosyncratic.


Alphabet book.

Publication Year
  • 1962
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