A Child's Good Night Book

A Child's Good Night Book

October 10, 2016

Mostly innocuous but uninteresting.

A highly repetitive book, which is par for the course from Margaret Wise Brown. Every single animal in the frigging world is going to sleep. Kangaroos. Fish. Birds. Cats. Rabbits. Airplanes. Lions, who apparently live in a forest, and don't eat the monkeys who sleep next to them. At the very end, the children say their prayers and go to sleep. And there's a little tiny prayer at the end of the book.

Bor-ing. I guess it's from the school of thought that in order to get your kid to go to sleep, you need to read them a bedtime story, so you might as well read them the most boring story imaginable so that it will bore them to sleep. The illustrations aren't really all that interesting. It looks like the artist was trying to draw these animals, but hadn't actually seen some of them before. The lion looks more like a weird, misshapen dog. It even has a bone, like a dog. These animals don't look realistic at all.



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