Garth Pig and the Ice Cream Lady


Probably better than bacon-flavored ice cream.

There's 10 pig children in a family, and they want to get ice cream, so they send one of the kids to go get ice cream from the truck. The ice cream lady is actually a wolf, and she invites him inside the van to go look at the freezer, and then drives off with him in there. His siblings realize this and take off after him in a 10-seater bicycle, and he sees them coming. She opens the door and he pushes past her and escapes and she ends up on the bicycle and falls in the water and they get the floor dirty in their house.

Not terribly interesting. It's just kind of a standard fairy tale type of story. The only reason to have the brothers and sisters coming to the rescue was to have the scene with the wolf riding the out of control ten-seater bicycle. I'm not that impressed with the art.


Don't get into a stranger's van, even if they're selling ice cream.

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