Lucky Song


I feel lucky I don't have to read this again.

What. Seriously, what? The title is kind of misleading since the text doesn't use the word or concept of "luck" anywhere. The book is kind of without end or beginning, and the first words are, "Now this little Evie wanted to do something," as if we were already introduced to the main character. It feels jarring. Maybe it's a cultural thing and I just don't get it?

The book is just a list of "She wanted X" and "So she did Y." The only thing that really happens is her flying a kite. And at the end it tells you to restart the book from the beginning. It's got a nice depcition of an extended family shown in a very loving, involved manner, but the story itself is so bland and the syntax so repetitive than it ends up banal.

The diction marks the story as coming from another culture from mine (white southwest American), with phrases like "and on the hook she found it." The characters have very few emotions. Nothing happens. At the end, the whole thing resets. It doesn't go anywhere, doesn't say anything, and is just a list of mundane events, making it boring.



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