No Haircut Today!


As the title says, nothing happens.

An ultra-short book which lives up to its title. The illustrations are very strange-looking. The boy's hair doesn't look like it would be actually improved by any kind of haircut short of shaving it all off, as it explicitly states, “Some parts are curly. Other parts are straight.”

Summary: A little boy has messy hair. He doesn't want a haircut. He doesn't like haircuts. His mom is a haircutter, and she's really good at it. He doesn't like haircuts. She's upset. She still loves him. So, no haircut today, maybe tomorrow. The end.


Even when moms get mad at their kids, they still love them.

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Elivia (not verified)

5 years 6 months ago

You are correct that nothings happens in terms of the boy getting his hair cut. The book is about the mother child dyad, inevitable clashes and the importance of maintaining connection, love and humor to build and teach secure attachment.