Pierre in Love


Contrived story, ends before it gets realistic.

Pierre is a fisherman. He's in love with a ballet teacher. She's so elegant and he can't tell her that he loves her. He just watches her from a distance and acts all miserable. Then he wants to give her a gift, so he dresses up nicely and goes to her house but chickens out and leaves it on the doorstep. He keeps doing this, night after night. The ballet teacher sees all the gifts and it makes her happy. She hides in the bushes and jumps out to catch him.

He says, “I love you, and my deepest wish is that you can love me, too.” And she says, “I'm sorry, I can't love you. I'm in love with somebody else.” And he's sad and runs away. The next morning he feels a lot better and tells her to tell the person she's in love with.

He goes out and fishes and thinks how much better he feels and how she's hopefully happy now. And he comes back to shore and there's a bunch of paintings. And it's her, and she had painted all these paintings of him, and she says, “I didn't even recognize you last night! Wow! It was you the whole time!” And they love each other and they're in love.

A contrived coincidence. Two separate people have loved each other from a distance and never actually had a conversation, but they're in love. Hopefully it works out at the end. It doesn't really say. It just says, “They fell into each other's arms because their hearts had become one.” That's the end. Maybe they find out that they really aren't very nice people or something, who knows? They never really had a conversation.


If you love somebody, tell them.

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