When Will the World Be Mine?


When Will This Book Be Over?

Super wordy book. The illustrations look like something I could learn to do if I spent maybe a month preparing.

A baby rabbit is born. The mom is like, “You can have everything. Everything is yours.” And then he goes to a stream and says, “How is the stream mine if it runs away? I don't understand this.” And she's like, “But it has to run. Otherwise it wouldn't be a stream.” “Well, how is it mine?” “Well, it runs to you, and you can drink it if you need it. So everything is yours, as much as you need it to be.”

An odd way of thinking about things, and also really long and boring, especially for such a brief story.


Everything is yours as much as you need it to be. Or maybe, don't take more of nature than you need? But it doesn't really say that. Maybe there is no message. It's complicated, like the relationship status on Facebook.

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