The Wild Birthday Cake


Not as interesting as it sounds.

Long. Very Wordy. I almost didn't read it but the title intrigued me.

There's a little boy. He wants to go on an adventure. He has a friend who is a professor. Well, he's at least called “The Professor.” It's not clear whether he really is a professor or not. He's got a lot of pet animals. He's got a tame squirrel and a crow and bugs and stuff.

The boy forgot that it's the Professor's birthday, though. So he goes hiking looking for a present. He finds some ducks, one of whom is injured. So he decides he's going to take the duck home and keep it as a pet. All his neighbors think that's a bad idea and his mom says, “Okay, but you can't keep it in the house. Go see your friend the Professor for his birthday.”

Then he goes to the Professor's house and the Professor coincidentally has some baby ducks that he wishes had a mother and then the little boy's like, “Okay, here, you can have the duck that I was gonna keep myself,” and realized that that's probably a better place for the duck. Oh, and they name the duck "Birthday Cake."

Takes a long time to get to its point. The point is weird. It's not a bad message; it's just a weird message.


Only special people can keep wild animals as pets.

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