Baby Can

November 24, 2017

But a baby is too big to fit in a can...


Follows the story of two little boys, Brendan and Baby James. As Baby James is getting older, there are more milestones that he passes, like, "Look, he can smile!" And then Brendan says, "I can smile!" And the mother says, "You have a lovely smile!" So every time that James reaches a milestone, everyone says, "Look! He can do X!" And then Brendan says, "I can do X too!" And the parents are always really supportive of that, which is cool.

It's just a list of things, basically. At the end, Baby James starts walking, and he walks to Brendan. Which is cute. And they say, "He knows how much you love him. He knows." It's really cute, but it doesn't effectively deal with the jealousy that older siblings often feel, just skimming over it lightly. It references it, but doesn't deal with any of the frustration that Brendan might be feeling about people paying really close attention to new things James can do that Brendan can already do.

I think it's important for older siblings to understand that the reason that adults do that is because the younger sibling previously couldn't do those things. It's not that people are saying that there's anything inherently special about being able to sit up, but that there's something special about this person sitting up. And while it's important to pay as much attention to both siblings, just patronizing the older child and feigning interest in their ability to do things like sit up isn't really a good long term solution.

It's not bad. It's not great. It's just a pretty solid meh.


Older children can do the same things babies can do.

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