Don't Worry Bear

March 3, 2017

Come on, bear. Google it. Caterpillars and moths.


It's kind of sappy, but also kind of bland. A bear finds a caterpillar building a cocoon, and says "I'll see you later," and keeps coming by and checking on the progress of the cocoon. The caterpillar inside keeps up the conversation, reassuring the bear that his cocoon will withstand rain, wind, and snow. Eventually the bear comes by and sees that the cocoon has fallen and is empty and starts to worry again, but the moth comes by and says, "Hey, I'm here!"

It's using a very roundabout way to teach children that caterpillars turn into moths. It's cute that the bear keeps coming by to keep him company, but the caterpillar doesn't really seem to care, need company, or be thankful. It's kind of minimalist, but it could do with a little more character development, otherwise I don't really care about these characters.


Caterpillars turn into moths.

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  • 2008
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