My Garden

May 18, 2018

Living chocolate bunnies would be kind of gross, though.


It's cute, but it kind of implies that a magical garden like the girl describes actually exists. I think if it was clearer about that, it would be great. The narrator, a girl, describes her ideal garden, with no weeds, magical flowers, bunnies made of chocolate, seashells and jelly beans and umbrellas growing in the ground, and "The carrots would be invisible because I don't like carrots." That's cute. At the end, the girl plants a seashell in her mother's garden and then the end page has no text, just a picture of a seashell with a root coming out.

I feel like it's going to give kids ideas that that kind of thing actually could happen. I understand that imagination is awesome, I do. But you can you can have a great imagination, and also have respect for the natural world and the hard work that people put into gardens and things like that.


A magic garden would be awesome. Or, imagination is cool.

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