In My Mother's House

October 2, 2017

One little, two little, three little, poems by Native Americans...


This is a bunch of poems written by Native American children in the 1940s, back before anybody cared enough about these kinds of things to keep track of, say, the children's names, or ages, or anything. So although they seem very similar, they vary in quality. Some of them are very repetitious as though written by young children (or just mediocre poets), while some of them are very high quality, such as the Indian Tea poem.

The poetry is non-rhyming and the topics are different things that you would imagine the children would experience in their pueblo in New Mexico, like growing corn and trees, gathering plants, horses, cows, pueblos, building houses, that kind of thing.

It's kind of boring and really wordy for a little kid. It's interesting from an anthropological standpoint, but it's not gripping enough for a young child. It might be useful for children living in other situations or for exposing children to other cultures. Older children might be interested, but again the poetry quality isn't that high. Basically the only thing going for it is that the poetry was actually written by Native American children. If that wasn't true, nobody would give it a second look.


There is an interesting story behind being a Native American child.

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  • 1941
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