The Tale of the Monstrous Toad (AKA Toad)

February 23, 2018

Anti-toad propaganda.


There's a toad. The book describes him, using a bunch of adjectives such as "horrible" and "disgusting" and "clumsy", basically a complete failure of an animal. Then a larger, unknown animal (maybe a Gila monster?) tries to eat the toad but then spits it out because the toad's slime is poisonous or tastes bad or something.

I don't know. The illustrations are very interesting. The interior flap describes them as "gruesome." They seem to be watercolor, possibly with added ink. The only interesting part of this book is the end, the climax where the monster yells, "Yuuuuuck!" and spits out the toad. I don't think you could learn very much about toads from this, so it's not very educational. It's not a very long story. It's just too simplistic. Most of it is pretty boring and mundane.


Some toads taste disgusting.

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  • 1996
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