Booktrust Early Years Award Shortlisted

Froggies be crazy, yo.

I can't figure out why this frog is just tormenting this duck. Did he do something to his parents or something like that? Is he responsible for some kind of embarrassment in the past? It's not just that he's annoying the crap out of him. He never even ends up revealing that he was the one that put Duck through this, and Duck just ends up feeling like he solved the problem on his own. It's just bizarre.


When you can't find something, it's probably being hidden from you for no apparent reason by a small frog.

Clever illustrations, not much substance.

Not really a very interesting story. It's got cute pictures. It's kind of silly. But I'm not that impressed with the writing. There's definitely no message. It's just a very strange book and not very useful.



I found it. It must have come out of my insides.

It's not bad, it's just weird. It's totally unrealistic, and this kind of thing would never happen, so it's certainly not a bad message. But the message more or less boils down to, "Pretend that other people are special even though you know they're really not."


Accept others for who they are. Or, patronize people so they don't feel ordinary.

Facts about apes with nice pictures.

There's no story. It's just a bunch of facts. The pictures are kind of cool, but there's nothing to follow.


Apes are awesome and deserve to be protected.