All the World

December 9, 2016

Poetic poem is poetic.


It's cute. It's got an inclusive message without being over the top, which is pretty nice.

It's a poem about nature and about people and about experiencing the world around in the same way that everyone else experiences it, and the connectedness of that. It's a hopeful message, but hard to put into words. It's really basic, so there's not much to say about it.


We're all in this together. Or, look at the world from different perspectives.

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  • 2009
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Great Argument
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I feel this review isn't up to your usual standards. This is a good book, a sweet Zen-y poem and a beautifully imagined space where a group of people cross paths in various settings while reflecting on the meeting of life. BUT, it's also a smug, self-satisfied picture of how Northern California affluent hippies (probably retired on the dividends from tech stocks) imagine that their life of farmers' markets, surfing and charming artisanal cafes is somehow the solution to the world's problems.

Thanks for the comment! I'd

Thanks for the comment! I'd have to look at it again to catch that, probably. Most of my reviews deal largely with the text (as opposed to a lot of awards like Caldecott which deals only with the pictures), and I don't remember the text mentioning that. Like I said in the review, there's not much to the words in this book, but it's not super repetitive, so there wasn't much to say about it. (*gasp* I hope I'm not a smug, self-satisfied affluent hippie... what would my parents think?)