Possibly useful to get parents to open up.

It just seems so weird that you wouldn't tell your kid about Covid. Is the culture that different in the Phillipines, where the book was published? It's written to be applicable to anywhere you have apartments and doctors. Do they not have Kindergarten? Because that's one major reason my six-year-old knows about Covid: he had to stop going to school in person, and start doing Zoom calls.


Tell your children about things because sometimes they're too scared to ask themselves. Or: Covid-19 sucks.

I can’t speak for others, but I think it’s a great book.

Clearly, clearly we need books like this. But I feel almost like I don't have the right to talk about this book. And if I were famous, and I had a large platform, this is the sort of thing where I should turn over my platform to people of color to give their own interpretations of this book. But I'm still a relatively unknown reviewer, and I don't have much of a platform to speak of. So my own opinion is that it's very well-written, and the art is top notch. It seems very powerful to me, an outsider, and I hope it comes across that way to most black people as well. It's a wonderful, beautiful book. And the problem with relating to it is all my own.


There are a lot of powerful figures to look up to in black history, and young people in the black community can look back and take inspiration from those figures in their effort towards true equality.

We all go through rough patches.

It's about the death of a beloved pet, and discusses the whole cycle of grief. It's a very poignant book, very powerfully done. And the illustrations are just gorgeous, which is icing on the cake.


Grief takes time to work through, but you will come out the other side.

Thank you, Oge!

This is an "own voices" book (the author is from Nigeria), and it's a really sweet story.


Be generous and other people will want to be generous in return.

Like “Heather Has Two Mommies” for transgender people.

I know there are going to be people who are going to look at my review and go, "You're such an SJW, yadda yadda", as if accepting that transgender people are actually their mental gender instead of their physical gender is a political position instead of a moral responsibility, but I think this book really works.


Transgender people are different, but that's okay. Being different from others is good.

Full of “quiet joy, love, and beauty”.

In and of itself, it's a really pretty story that has gorgeous illustrations. As a bonus, it's also what those in children's literature call "Own Voices", meaning that it's written about Asian people, by an Asian person. But that's icing on the cake, and the book stands on its own as a good book, with a good message.


Your family loves you even if you make mistakes.

All good things must come to an end.

It's rare to get that kind of honesty in a children's book, and it makes the story about the life that Madeline and her Grandpa shared.


Spending time with your Grandfather is fun. Or, death is a part of life, but it's not the only part.

There's a reason zookeepers usually use sedation.

I'm not crazy about this book, but I like the way the idea is presented: both of the characters feeling the same way about each other but being brave or not wanting to get angry. It seems like it would help children understand the concept of empathy, and the idea that 'he's just as scared of you as you are of him.'


Try to think about others' points of view, and understand how others are feeling.

Good but could have been better.

It definitely provides children with a character to emulate. It's not completely realistic, but I feel like it could have gone further. It's good, but it could have been better.


Everyone is in charge of their own body, and they shouldn't be forced to allow other people to do things to their body that they don't want to do.

This is so awesome. A great book.

This book talks about science and it does in a very science positive-way. It talks about the importance of knowing the truth and knowing reality. It's got great pictures and great writing as well.


Benjamin Franklin is awesome. Or, the scientific method is a way to learn about reality.