October 7, 2016

Ode to capitalism.

It presupposes a world where mice are intelligent and humans exist but don't realize that the mice are intelligent, which is kind of a difficult world to live in when you realize that we kill mice for pretty trifling things. But, you know.

A mouse named Anatole lives in a mouse village in France, and the mice generally go steal food from people's houses. Anatole finds out that people don't like the mice to steal food from them, and also don't really like mice, in general. He's upset by this and wants to give something back in trade for the food that he gets, so he comes up with the idea to be a secret cheese taster and leave little notes about how the cheese could be improved in the Duval cheese factory, and succeeds in this, and he's happy.

It's kind of cool. It's a nice story about finding your strengths and finding a way to leverage that for what you need. It's important to trade something of worth for what you need, instead of just taking it. Also, you might need to be inventive to figure out what you have, but everybody has some skill of worth.


Everybody has some skill of worth.

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