And Then It's Spring

And Then It's Spring

September 29, 2016

Sometimes winter seems to last forever.

Cute. It talks about how things are brown, kind of in between winter and spring. And then you plant seeds, and you wait for the seeds to sprout and it takes forever, and then finally they seem to all sprout at once. It's poetic. It's pretty. It's well written.

I especially liked the part where, when you're wondering and worrying about the seeds and how they haven't sprouted, and you worry if it might be birds, and then you worry that it's bears, "because bears can't read signs/that say things like/'please do not stomp here--/there are seeds/and they are trying'". It's a cute story-poem.

It's a simple story with a simple message, and the sparse text makes it beautiful.


It's hard to grow seeds, but be patient.

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