A Ball for Daisy

November 16, 2016

Just a dog and her ball.


It's a sweet, wordless book. There's a dog who has a red ball that she loves and she sleeps with it and plays with it. The little girl who owns her takes her out for a walk, throws the ball, she plays with the ball, and it gets stuck behind a fence. Another dog gets a hold of it, pops it, and the poor dog is distraught. They go home and the little girl comforts her. They go to the park the next day and the owner of the other dog gives her a blue ball, and she's so happy! The end.

So it's cute. It's good to help others by fixing their problems like replacing the ball that got broken. The illustrations are incredibly good at getting across the emotions of the dog.


Helping others makes them feel good.

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  • 2011
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