The Berenstain Bears: We Love Trucks!


Tiresome book about trucks.

It's pretty simplistic. It kind of makes me think of Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, which my kid had a copy of and which was a lot more interesting than this book, but apparently a lot of fun to rip into pieces as well.

Basically, different trucks appear on different pages as the cubs ride with their grandfather and they like all kinds of trucks and they look at trucks and the trucks are doing truck things. The end.

There's no real storyline to it. For comparison, the Richard Scarry book has several things going on, like a pig family taking a picnic, driving to the beach and back. Also, there's a police officer chasing a bad driver, and an accident on one page. There's all kinds of things happening in that book. This book is just like, "Here's a truck. It does its thing. Here's a dump truck. It dumps things. Here's a tow truck. It tows things." This is really boring. Very basic. I guess the idea is for younger kids to be able to read it themselves.

The best part: the tow truck is towing a truck that says "Mayor" on the side of it that has clearly just run into a stop sign, and the mayor is sitting in the cab of the tow truck looking chagrined.


Trucks are awesome.

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