Gorilla! Gorilla!


But in reality, gorillas actually are dangerous.

This book is inane. It's by the same author as "Tadpole's Promise." I wouldn't say it's as bad, though.

There's a mouse whose baby is missing and she's looking for him (in the rain forests, I guess that's where lives?) and then a gorilla comes up after her. She's afraid of the gorilla, so she runs away from the gorilla for pages and pages... The gorilla just keeps following her and yelling, "Stop! Stop!" She goes so far that she ends up going to China, America, Australia, and finally Antarctica where she can't escape the gorilla. She's afraid that he's gonna eat her, but the gorilla says, "Here he is," and that he found the baby mouse in the forest and was trying to give him back the whole time. "Who are you running from?" And the mouse goes, "Oh... nobody you know! I'm not frightened now," And the gorilla says, "You know, it's scary out there. Let me carry you home."

This woman is the master of irritating twist endings based on all the intelligent animal characters being ignorant of their own biology and ecosystems. Why does nobody else say, "You know what, gorillas don't like eat mice," or anything like that? Even the cartoon "Bubble Guppies" talks about gorillas being vegetarians. You would think that sentient prey animals would be more aware of the different species that dwell in their vicinity, which ones are dangerous, and which aren't. Is she also afraid of parrots? Large frogs? Seriously, if there's a gorilla following you all around the freaking world but maybe you should try to figure out why.


Big, scary things just want to be your friend.

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