It's Okay to Be Different


I'm okay, you're okay. And that's okay.

It's cute. There's not really a storyline, just a list of things that it's okay to be. Some of them are things people might be discriminated against, like disabilities like blindness ("needing some help") or being in a wheelchair ("having wheels"), but also things like it's okay to get mad, it's okay to be proud of yourself, and it's okay to dance by yourself. Then there are silly things that most people don't do, like "It's okay to eat macaroni and cheese in the bathtub" or "It's okay to help a squirrel collect nuts." I think it's important to put in weird, silly things like that, because everybody has those weird, silly things about themselves that they might feel ashamed about, but saying that it's okay helps readers generalize to themselves.


It's okay to be different.

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