April 22, 2018

A beautifully dreamlike book.


It's surreal and pretty. Pandora is a fox girl who lives all alone in a land of broken things. With nobody visiting her, she spends her time fixing things. One day, an injured bird falls out of the sky and she helps nurse it back to health. It starts flying, taking trips away and returning with gifts. Then one day it doesn't return and she's very sad. The place in her house where its nest was grows into a massive tree, which is somewhat confusing, and plants grow all over the place and the bird returns after nature has kind of reclaimed the whole land of broken things.

I'm not really sure what it means, but the gorgeous level of detail makes it a beautiful experience nonetheless. The book's flap describes it as a "fable about renewal and the power of hope, friendship, and nature." Somehow I missed the fable part of it, because a fable usually has a moral. There's a stunning beauty to the illustrations, and a subtle message about helping other people, working together, and the power of nature. It's vague but positive.


Be kind to others.

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  • 2017
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