Sleep Like a Tiger

February 20, 2017

That's a pretty big catnap.


It's a cute, lyrical book about sleeping. I really appreciate how the parents don't force the child to sleep. She says she's not tired, she's not sleepy, and they say, "That's okay, you don't have to go to sleep, but you have to put your pajamas on, and wash your face and brush your teeth and lie in bed. You can stay up all night if you want to, but you have to lie in bed." Of course, she falls asleep, but it's very nice how the parents give her the option as long as she stays in bed. Which is a reasonable thing to do for kids, and matches well with my parenting style. It talks about different animals sleeping, and how they sleep, so there's a little bit of education there. It's beautiful to look at, and there's a flowing quality to it. It's very well written and doesn't have a strong message but the message it has is good.


Everything in the world sleeps.

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  • 2012
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