A Very Special House

December 8, 2017

Simple book, but good.


It's cute. A little boy describes a strange imaginary house in a sing-song fashion, where everything is special and unusual, and he has animals and a giant that play with him. It's pretty short and silly, with a little bit of repetition, but not too much that it gets really annoying. And it's made clear that the house is imaginary, as one of the last phrases is "it's right in the middle... of my head." The little boy gets to do things in this imaginary house that he might not be allowed to do in his real house, like pour crumbs on the cushions and jump on the beds.

Sendak's mischievous line drawings of the little boy and his companions are adorable. It's a simple ode to imagination and individuality.


You can imagine any kind of life you want.

Publication Year
  • 1953
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