Bears in the Night

Bears in the Night

October 7, 2016

Unnecessary explicit preposition instruction.

Well, that was a complete lack of a story. An older Berenstain Bears book with an updated cover. Oddly enough, no Papa Bear, and there seem to be seven Bear children, all sleeping in the same bed. They hear a noise; they go investigate it; it's an owl; they run back home. But this needs to be told in very simplistic language, describing everything they are doing on the way, and using a lot of different prepositions. "In bed", "Out of bed", "To the window", "At the window", "Out the window". Very repetitive.

This is from a time when people thought that you had to explicitly teach people these things. You don't! You don't need to explicitly teach children prepositions. They will pick them up on their own, and if they don't, then they will ask you. They're not learning a foreign language; it's a little different.

The best part: The last page where Mama Bear is obliviously sitting in a rocking chair, sewing a handkerchief or something, and all seven bears are back in bed fast asleep.



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