The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone


Dogs sure do love bones, amiright?

I'm not sure why the Bear Detectives aren't using the book that they had in the previous story, and using Papa Bear's dog who failed miserably last time. It's kind of stupid.

At the museum, there's a missing dinosaur bone; they look for it with their dog; they look all over the place, and it turns out that their dog took it. Because he's a dog. And dogs take bones. And that's funny.

Whereas, of course if it was a real museum, the dinosaur skeleton that was on display wouldn't actually be made out of real bones. They don't put the real bones on display; they're too valuable. And even if they were real bones, they would be fossilized and made of rock. And even if they were real bones, dogs don't just like love bones. In the same way that mice just don't love cheese. This is just inane. There's no real message. There's no real point.

The best part: "You can look/in that valuable vase/if you must./There's nothing/in there/but some valuable dust."



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