The Berenstain Bears and the Nutcracker


What's an im-ag-in-a-shun?

For Christmas the bear kids get new things. They play with them and then get bored of them and complain to their parents. The parents say, "You have a bunch of new stuff," but they say, "We're bored anyway." "Go use your imagination." "How do we do that?" Like they've never imagined anything in their lives. They decide to use the old nutcracker toy that they got for Christmas as well, that they didn't want to play with at first, and their play is a weird version of the nutcracker story. They play, then it's dinnertime, then their grandparents come over and they tell them they've been playing with the nutcracker. The grandparents ask if they know the story of the nutcracker, and they say, "Yeah, we'll act it out for you!" "Without any costumes or anything?" "Yeah! You just have to use your imagination!"

It's kind of bland. I'm not very familiar with the story of the nutcracker, so I'm not sure how accurate the storyline is. At any rate, it just seems like they're copying this older story instead of being very imaginative. It's something kids do, but the story of the book isn't new. It's like the writer was being lazy.

The best part: Honey just looks like she's annoyed at being there the entire time they're in the attic.


Using your imagination is awesome!

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