The Berenstain Bears' Dinosaur Dig


An unrealistic depiction of the work of a paleontologist.

Gah. This is a really inaccurate description of a dinosaur dig. Seriously. Not only is it at the museum, but it's depicted as a big open pit in the ground, where there are full-on complete skeletons just laying there. That's not how dinosaurs are found! They find little tiny pieces. They're really super lucky if they can ever find a whole skeleton. You don't find like one place with five different kinds of skeletons, all of which I've heard of before. That's ridiculous. And if you did find that kind of thing, you certainly wouldn't let an entire family traipse through the middle of your dig! You don't know what they're going to touch! The stuff is all delicate. It doesn't have a bad message, it's just inaccurate.

Brother and Sister go to the library. They read a book about dinosaurs. Here is what the book says. Then they go to the museum, and they look at the dinosaurs, and they see a dinosaur dig. As they are leaving, they go through the gift shop and buy a whole bunch of dinosaur toys. They go home. They have a whole bunch of dinosaur toys everywhere. Don't put them on Dad's chair! The end.

The best part: "The best part was that they lived long, long ago, so you didn't have to worry about them getting you." Also, the fact that the professor's name is "Professor Actual Factual."


Dinosaurs are cool.

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