The Berenstain Bears' New Kitten


You can never have too many pets.

Not terribly interesting. Not really much to say about this. I don't have a dog, so I really don't know how to treat dogs when you're getting a new pet, or how accurate this book is. Kids probably shouldn't just randomly take home animals that they find in a pond, whether or not they're kittens. They might have rabies, or something worse. Another story that really doesn't go anywhere.

Brother Bear is in a pond and finds a kitten. He takes it home. They wash it off. It's a girl. They introduce it to their dog. The cat scratches the dog on the nose. They decide that that's a good sign. They decide to keep her. They take her to the vet. The vet says, she's fine, and make sure to hug your dog 20 extra times a day. The end.

The best part: "He rushed inside the tree house and showed his family the furry surprise."


Kittens make good pets.

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