In a Blue Room

In a Blue Room

October 10, 2016

Not a bad story to fall asleep to.

It's cute. A little girl says, "I can only sleep in a blue room. Blue is my favorite." Her mother keeps bringing her different things to smell, feel, taste, and listen to. "It's not blue, though!" The girl gets sleepier and sleepier, and finally her mother turns out the light and the moon's light makes everything look blue. And then she goes to sleep. The end.

This is odd because the moon is not blue. I guess you could imagine it was blue if you were a little kid, but darkness isn't blue. It's a strange ending. The kid being obsessed with something like that is very realistic, especially nighttime rituals, but the girl is demanding something that doesn't exist. The walls of her room aren't even blue; they're yellow. The only thing blue in the room is the blanket that she is playing with.



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