Marcia Brown

Don't be arrogant, or a hermit will turn you back into a mouse.

Are all tigers prideful? Are they supposed to be that way? Is that what this story is saying, that tigers are all prideful? Was the tiger that attached the mouse/dog prideful? What does that even imply? Or is it saying that you shouldn't be proud of being powerful if you didn't earn your power?


Bigger animals are more prideful and less grateful? Or maybe, don't be proud of what you didn't earn?

Meesa not understand purpose of dialect.

The text is super boring. Despite the massive amount of text, there's no character development. The characters don't show emotion. There's nothing for the reader to identify with. "This happened." "Sometimes Henry does this." "On these other days, Henry does this." Just not interesting.


Responsibility comes with age.

Back in the good old days, when cats actually worked for a living.

It's super wordy for young kids (actually, in general, really). It's a boring story with no real point to it, retold in a very authentic way, which means that it includes a bunch of words that nobody really cares about.


Hope you're really lucky, cause otherwise your life's gonna really suck!