P. D. Eastman

Go, Dog, Go!

September 5, 2018

Why, Dog, Why?

It's boring and it doesn't go anywhere. I would like to say, as I have in other reviews of similar books, that children will learn language without it being explicitly taught to them, as long as they are around other people who speak it. They do not need to be explicitly taught a list of prepositions like they're vocabulary words. Children don't need this book.


Here are a bunch of words and dogs.

I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words

October 12, 2017

Poetic primer.

It's just a list of words. It's a rhyming list of words, so maybe that's a little bit entertaining. But there's nothing to it. There's no story. The rhyming is the only thing that could possibly keep your attention in this. It's decent rhyming, and decent meter, so what it's trying to do it does well, but in my opinion it's not trying to do enough, and comes off as disappointing.



Are You My Mother?

September 29, 2016

Your mother is hiding because you are annoying.

It's just not very interesting. It's brief. There aren't a lot of words, but the words that there are repeat themselves.