Wanda Gag

You’d think the queen would get a new mirror eventually.

It's pretty faithful to the standard Grimm story, as far as I remember. Not a great story, but not really the opposite of something children should be taught. The pedophile/necrophile prince throws up some red flags, and murder via boogie isn't a common thing lately, but I'm pretty sure nobody is advocating to their children that they "be more like Snow White" so it's more about how the story is viewed today in context.


Be really pretty, and everybody will take care of you even if you're an idiot.

Any more than two, and you're the Crazy Cat Person.

Basically, that cat has low self-esteem (as a cat owner, I can tell you that's pretty rare) and decided that he was definitely not the prettiest, so he didn't bother fighting and nobody fought him.


People will love you if you're ugly. Or, if you're ugly, no one will want to eat you.