David Wiesner


January 2, 2017

Tuesday... afternoon...

It's silly and rather surreal, with pretty pictures. There's not much to it beyond a lovely flight of imagination, and an implication that we're witnessing the beginnings of something truly unusual.



The Three Pigs

January 1, 2017

I almost feel sorry for the wolf.

It's cute. I guess it really has the message of "Don't let yourself get boxed in by the story." "Don't kowtow to fate." Maybe that's reading too much into it, and it doesn't have a message at all, but that's the message I see in it. Which is a good message.


Don't let the outside world tell you who to be.

Art & Max

September 29, 2016

Strange book about artistic reptiles.

It seems kind of pretentious in a way, like it's supposed to be artistic and I don't really understand where it's going. There's no message. It's just baffling.