Patricia C. McKissack

Mirandy and Brother Wind

January 27, 2019

Not sure whether I'd rather catch the wind or inherit it.

It's just this misunderstanding between friends. She thinks Ezel is telling her she can't do something, when he's really trying to suggest that they could dance together without saying it. And it turns out she dances with him because he's her friend and she doesn't want other people being mean to him. She sticks up for him and does the right thing.


Stick up for your friends.

Ma Dear's Aprons

June 13, 2018

Being a single mom is tough.

It's pretty. It's also very wordy, though the words are good. It kind of makes me think of Clare Turlay Newberry's books.


No matter how hard your mother has to work, she still loves you.

The All-I'll-Ever-Want Christmas Doll

December 7, 2016

Greed bad. Sharing good.

It's a pretty heavy-handed message against greed. Playing with people is more fun than playing with objects. The message is true, but it's just very annoyingly presented.


Greed is bad.