Your mother is hiding because you are annoying.

It's just not very interesting. It's brief. There aren't a lot of words, but the words that there are repeat themselves.



A well-written story about writing stories.

I love the quirky illustrations and the story within a story. It's well written. It's interesting.


How to write a story. Or, anybody can write a story.

The alphabet is just an illusion.

It's pretty to look at, but not interesting enough to read more than once.


Teaches the alphabet.

Beautiful yet confusing alphabet book.

The bat, for example, is carrying a hammer with his feet. I'm not sure why. "Hammer" doesn't start with B. He doesn't look like he's about to use the hammer for anything. Maybe it's supposed to be a "ball-peen hammer"?


Teaches the alphabet and animals.

Boring book literally about bears being on wheels.

A lot less interesting than it sounds. Very simple. Nothing happens. There's no story.


Teaches numbers. Counting, perhaps.

How to see the world as a scientist.

It's kind of formalizing the experimental method that children go through in their innate curiosity. It's funny. I don't know if children would like it as much as adults, but it might give them an introduction to the scientific method.


Science is fun. Everyday things can be science.

Papa Bear fails at being entertaining.

This is Papa Bear being an idiot again. It's really not that interesting to watch Papa Bear fail repeatedly.


Picnics are terrible.

A new land of possibility and poignancy.

The wordless drawings capture the potential and amazement of moving to a new land, but also the loneliness, isolation, homesickness and difficulty communicating with people.


Moving is difficult but rewarding.

Pretty to look at, not much substance.

It's very metaphorical, and kind of spiritual. "Beating the earth drum."


Horses are cool.

Don't go camping with idiots.

He gets very badly hurt and comes home, and then the Bear Scouts say, "At least he showed us what not to do. Ha ha ha ha ha ha." The end. I don't even know what the message is. "Papa Bear is an idiot," maybe.


Don't take advice from the inexperienced.