Feelgood story where hard work pays off.

There's no deus ex machina, contrived kind of stuff here like many children's books have, which is great.


If you're good at something, it doesn't matter who you are. You don't have to be a specific kind of person to be good at something.

Toddlers don't need to see their failures depicted in a book.

It's a little bit silly, but not really all that funny.



Forced, annoying rhymes and not much of a story.

Perhaps the diction is intentionally childlike? But no, then they wouldn't have used the word “congregate.”


None. Just descriptive.

Almost good.

If it had some better illustrations, this one might actually be good.


Taking care of sick kids is hard.

Useless and brief story.

Basically just the first day of dog ownership, and you know those kids are going to start slacking off and avoiding their dog-related chores the same way they avoid all their other chores.


Puppies are a lot of work.

Nope, apparently there's no such thing as "too much car trip."

I was really expecting it to be about Mama and Papa bear realizing that sometimes pushing everybody to do too many things on a long car trip is a bad idea, but no.


Car trips are fun.