Useless and brief story.

Basically just the first day of dog ownership, and you know those kids are going to start slacking off and avoiding their dog-related chores the same way they avoid all their other chores.


Puppies are a lot of work.

Nope, apparently there's no such thing as "too much car trip."

I was really expecting it to be about Mama and Papa bear realizing that sometimes pushing everybody to do too many things on a long car trip is a bad idea, but no.


Car trips are fun.

The Big Question deserves a better answer.

This is like answering the question of “Who's Grandpa Smith?” by saying, “I'm really glad we have nice silverware.”


God made everything.

Went in one ear and out the other.

Mama Bear doesn't give Sister any actual advice or think about what kinds of situations she could get into, only tells her that she has "responsibility." What that responsibility is, is never mentioned. Is this like Spider-man? Is she supposed to catch criminals?


You should behave yourself at a slumber party if your mother mentions the word “responsibility” without explaining what she means.

When Will This Book Be Over?

An odd way of thinking about things, and also really long and boring, especially for such a brief story.


Everything is yours as much as you need it to be. Or maybe, don't take more of nature than you need? But it doesn't really say that. Maybe there is no message. It's complicated, like the relationship status on Facebook.

No pigeons. I feel cheated.

So it's a really long, meandering story that doesn't go anywhere.


None. Just descriptive.