Always and Forever

December 8, 2016

Always remember the good times.

It's a really good depiction of what it's like to lose someone. There's nothing religious to it, nothing existential, just a very relatable depiction of the pain you feel when someone dies.


You don't have to forget those who died in order to live your life. You can keep the memory of them alive.

Country Fair

December 2, 2016

Watching the text play across the page.

There's not a lot to it, but it doesn't seem like it's trying to be more than it is. It kind of has a dreamlike quality to it, as the words swirl around the pages, and the images are almost like sketches rather than full-on realism.



Granddad's Fishing Buddy

November 25, 2016

Will the real fishing buddy please stand up?

It's just about a girl spending time with her granddad. It's kind of cool how it's a girl going fishing, where stereotypically it would be a boy.


It's fun to spend time with your granddad.

Chengdu Could Not, Would Not Fall Asleep

November 24, 2016

Short but sweet.

It's kind of unusual, with pages that fold out in different directions. The artwork is very charming. There's not a lot to it, but it's the kind of repetitive that is endearing rather than mind-numbing.



Baby Radar

November 17, 2016

Cute story from toddler's perspective.

It's just fun. There's nothing really to it, and no real point. But it captures the feel, at least as far as an outsider can, of the mind of a young child who is walking but not yet speaking in complete sentences.



In a Blue Room

November 20, 2016

Not a bad story to fall asleep to.

The kid being obsessed with something like that is very realistic, especially nighttime rituals, but the girl is demanding something that doesn't exist.



Bartholomew and the Oobleck

November 11, 2016

Even the king makes mistakes.

It really supports the idea of swallowing your pride and apologizing, accepting the blame for something. I really like that message.


Take responsibility for things that you do, even if they're wrong.


November 3, 2016

Mom and Dad get a human baby.

It's a recognition of the important role that pets play in people's lives, understanding that just as it's difficult for children to accept new siblings, it's also difficult for the pets to accept it.


Babies are a big change, but a positive one.

A Ball for Daisy

November 16, 2016

Just a dog and her ball.

It's a sweet, wordless book. The illustrations are incredibly good at getting across the emotions of the dog.


Helping others makes them feel good.