Video review.


Don't hate people who seem too perfect because they might have tragic backstories.

When Will This Book Be Over?

An odd way of thinking about things, and also really long and boring, especially for such a brief story.


Everything is yours as much as you need it to be. Or maybe, don't take more of nature than you need? But it doesn't really say that. Maybe there is no message. It's complicated, like the relationship status on Facebook.

Went in one ear and out the other.

Mama Bear doesn't give Sister any actual advice or think about what kinds of situations she could get into, only tells her that she has "responsibility." What that responsibility is, is never mentioned. Is this like Spider-man? Is she supposed to catch criminals?


You should behave yourself at a slumber party if your mother mentions the word “responsibility” without explaining what she means.

The Big Question deserves a better answer.

This is like answering the question of “Who's Grandpa Smith?” by saying, “I'm really glad we have nice silverware.”


God made everything.

Feelgood story where hard work pays off.

There's no deus ex machina, contrived kind of stuff here like many children's books have, which is great.


If you're good at something, it doesn't matter who you are. You don't have to be a specific kind of person to be good at something.

As bland as the snow.

Very repetitive. I certainly couldn't read this to my kid because it would drive me crazy.


Descriptive. None.

Too-long Russian fable about the handsome guy getting the girl.

I guess it's saved from being a bad book to read to kids by virtue of not really being a book to read to kids.


If you're good looking, you can get away with anything. Or, women are property.

Japan's version of the fairy realm.

The framing device for the story basically lampshades the fact that the story has a weird ending, which is even weirder.


Don't forget about those who you love. The kids explicitly point out the moral in the book.

Prance, prance, I'm the Lord of the Forest!

Maybe the king needs to be taught a lesson, but The Lord of the Forest just gets to do whatever he wants because he's magical.


Don't be a jerk or you might turn your daughter into a cabbage.

Gets sinister at the end.

Wow. I was not expecting the dark turn at the end.


Be excited about things or nobody will care about you.