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Tiresome book about trucks.

It's pretty simplistic. It kind of makes me think of Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, which my kid had a copy of and which was a lot more interesting than this book, but apparently a lot of fun to rip into pieces as well.


Trucks are awesome.

Frighteningly boring.

It's a good message, just not a very interesting story.


The dark isn't scary, but it's okay to be afraid of it anyway.

Babysitters are a last resort, but not scary.

I'm not really sure what the message is. It seems to have a message, but then loses it.


Don't be afraid of babysitters?

Mundane walk through the forest with fanciful animals.

There's no real message. It doesn't really go anywhere. The animals don't really do anything. There aren't any characters. Nobody really has a personality.



Mom and Dad get a human baby.

It's a recognition of the important role that pets play in people's lives, understanding that just as it's difficult for children to accept new siblings, it's also difficult for the pets to accept it.


Babies are a big change, but a positive one.

Just a dog and her ball.

It's a sweet, wordless book. The illustrations are incredibly good at getting across the emotions of the dog.


Helping others makes them feel good.

Tedious lift-the-flap book.

It's just supposed to be a lift-the-flap book, but I think by the time the kids are old enough to lift the flaps without just tearing them to shreds, they're kind of beyond this. Maybe most kids aren't as destructive as mine was.


Baby animals are born in the spring.

Ode to capitalism.

It presupposes a world where mice are intelligent and humans exist but don't realize that the mice are intelligent, which is kind of a difficult world to live in when you realize that we kill mice for pretty trifling things. But, you know.


Everybody has some skill of worth.

Dogs sure do love bones, amiright?

And even if they were real bones, dogs don't just like love bones. In the same way that mice just don't love cheese. This is just inane. There's no real message. There's no real point.