Lily's Cat Mask

April 11, 2018

If she gets the rest of the outfit, she could be a superhero.

Like I said, what's there is good. I really enjoy the interaction between Lily and her father and the way that she uses the mask to hide in circumstances that would be definitely uncomfortable for people who have moderate social anxiety (or shyness, as the book calls it). A lot of other reviewers seem to really like this book. I think maybe they're seeing something I'm not, because I wouldn't say it was groundbreaking or amazing, but it's a good book.


Sometimes people are shy? You can't wear masks in school?


April 9, 2018

Profoundly moving in a positive direction.

Wow, this book was really cool. It's a very hopeful book, in a very realistic way. It just talks about how life starts small and grows, and that different animals like different things because anywhere in the world there's always something to love and something to protect. There's always something beautiful somewhere. Even if you're going through a dark stretch in life, just know that everything is changing all the time.


Everything keeps changing, life keeps growing, and that's good.

La La La: A Story of Hope

April 5, 2018

Not to be confused with "Moo, Baa, La La La."

It's pretty. I can see why people like it. It's simple and there's a sparse quality to it, despite the richness of illustrations. Not very much is happening, but it uses its several pages to give a lot of detail about how the main character is feeling. The emotions and the body language that she has are very critical to telling the story.


Don't give up, you're not alone.

Battle Bunny

April 3, 2018

I bet a lot of creative kids actually do this, too.

I love this book. It's just awesome. Quite often, I've been looking forward to a book based on the title and concept, only to be disappointed by the execution, but this book did not disappoint. I really enjoyed what they did with this book.


Make the most of what you've got.

Drum Dream Girl: How One Girl's Courage Changed Music

March 27, 2018

When you're a victim of discrimination, banging on the drums all day is a kind of work.

It's inspired by the true story of a Chinese-African Cuban girl, Millo Castro Zaldarriaga, from 1932. The story is that a girl wants to play the drums, but where she lives, people believe that only boys should play drums. So she dreams about it and listens to the music and imagines herself playing music for a long time, and then eventually she just decides she's gonna play the drums and she plays them.


Don't give up on your dreams just because people say that they're unreasonable.

The Secret Life of Squirrels

February 11, 2018

For a "secret" life, you have to admit it's pretty mundane.

It's definitely a unique book. You don't see a lot of pictures of live animals in different poses. This is the kind of thing that would normally be illustrated, but she took pictures and made a story out of what she could make pictures of. I really think that she would benefit from collaborating with somebody who could write well and come up with ideas for her to do.


Everything's better with a friend.

Strictly No Elephants

January 30, 2018

Groucho's joke makes sense if the elephant was tiny.

The illustrations are cute. The text is well-written, if brief. It's just short and sweet.


Don't let the haters get you down. Find people who will accept you for who you are.

My Teacher Is a Monster! (No, I Am Not.)

January 17, 2018

Teachers are people too. (Whacka-doo, whacka-doo, whacka-doo.)

When you're interacting with people in a prescribed setting, sometimes it's easy to forget and just treat them like automatons. But you have to remember that every person around you has the same kind of inner life as you do. Even if they don't have the same wants and desires as you, they still have wants and desires, and they're still worthy of respect.


Even if teachers sometimes act mean, they're human beings too.

Imogene's Antlers

January 13, 2018

Life is easier when you make the most of what you've got.

It's just wonderful to see somebody being happy with their differences rather than being upset like so many other books. So much of reality is people being told, "You can't do that" or "You can't be that way," and this girl is just like, "I am that way, so deal with it. This is who I am now, and I'm proud of it."


Differences are something that can be celebrated.

A Very Special House

December 8, 2017

Simple book, but good.

Sendak's mischievous line drawings of the little boy and his companions are adorable. It's a simple ode to imagination and individuality.


You can imagine any kind of life you want.