Gun safety? What gun safety?

The more I think about this book and the more I learn about it, the worse it gets. On the other hand, I could see an updated version of this book becoming mildly popular. Maybe someone bounces a bouncy ball and it keeps going? It doesn't need to be a gun.


Don't worry about guns; they won't hurt you.

No doubt more child-appropriate than "101 Uses for a Dead Cat".

My brain doesn't know how to interpret this book, so I suppose you can make of it what you will. But I prefer my children's books to be a little less up to interpretation, because unfortunately my brain has a tendency to go in directions that are probably not intended.


Stop slacking and play with your kids more.

Well, "@#*^!" to you, too!

Getting an F on your report card is not a reasonable time to just yell, "Egghead!"


Use complicated words; don't use "inappropriate" ones.

Tiny people on a massive journey in a massive book.

Way too many words. Skimming this, it appears to be drawings made with pastels, I would guess, with little tiny details everywhere. There's a crew with 12 people on one page and 15 on the other-- little tiny pictures-- and their names and positions on the ship. The text in this book is TINY. The book is huge, and the text is like seven point font.


These people crossed Antarctica in 1901.

Being a single mom is tough.

It's pretty. It's also very wordy, though the words are good. It kind of makes me think of Clare Turlay Newberry's books.


No matter how hard your mother has to work, she still loves you.

Might bore the parent to sleep.

Interesting use of colors in the pictures. All the outside things are definitely desaturated because of the lack of light, so the pictures are good. The poetry doesn't flow TOO badly. Just kind of a gentle putting-you-to-sleep book that probably goes on for too long, but it's trying to go on for too long. Which is the weirdest thing to me.


Everything sleeps, even inanimate objects.

It's not even a party. It's just a school day.

The best part: On the second page, inside Sister Bear's backpack, is a Valentine that says "My", a symbol of a heart, then a picture of a pair of pants, and then "4 You." Is that "My heart pants for you?" Who says that? That's just bizarre. "My heart shorts for you?" "...jeans for you?" None of those make any sense. It's next to one that's got a picture of a bee and then says "mine" underneath, obviously "Be mine." That's pretty common. Maybe just "My pants for you?" A bit direct for grade school, don't you think?


Valentines are cool?

Kangaroo power!

Sometimes people do things you don't expect them to do. Sometimes people don't fit into your neat little molds, and that's okay. The world is better for it. The world is enriched by people who don't fit into molds, and that's something I've always appreciated, so that's why I like this book.


If you know you can do something, don't listen to people telling you that you can't.

A pretty fun way to learn facts.

He's a very fascinating character. There's definitely a lot of information-- not necessarily much of a story, but kind of an information dump. But if you're trying to get this information across, I can't think of a more interesting way to do it then with the text accompanied by the pictures like this. I really like the style. It works really well.


Benjamin Franklin was a cool dude.